How to Create and Organize a WSO

by Michael Harris

By creating WSO’s, you can feel a sense of accomplishment about using your talents.  As human beings, many of us have a need to share something new with other people.  It’s just human nature. 

We all have value to give to the world.  Creating WSO’s lets you share your knowledge with others and feel a sense of accomplishment about what you’ve created.     

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What Talents Do You Need?

So what talents do you need in order to create WSO’s?  If you’re creating an ebook, you need to have some writing ability.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to get the point across about what you’re teaching.  This is not the kind of writing that your English teacher demanded back in school. 

All you need to do is simply write like you talk.  That’s it.  So if you can talk in complete sentences and express yourself in a decent manner, then you should be fine.  Just simply write like you would talk to a friend. 


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Imagine this...

Imagine your friend came up to you and asked for help on how to do something in internet marketing.  You wouldn’t say “no” to them, would you?  Of course not!  You’d sit down and explain to them step-by-step how to put it all together.  That’s exactly the right mindset to create WSO’s.   

If you have the ability to talk well, then you can create audio recordings and videos explaining more about your topic.  It doesn’t have to be perfect. 

Again, just explain it as if you were talking to a friend.  In some ways, videos can be easier to create than ebooks and audio recordings are even easier.   

Two Main Ways to Organize Your WSO...

There are 2 main ways to organize your WSO’s.  You can organize them in chronological order or as a resource guide

A Chronological Example...

So, here are the steps in chronological order:

  1. Develop the right mindset.
  2. Research product ideas.
  3. Create the product.
  4. Write the sales letter.
  5. List the product for sale and launch.

 Just sit down and outline the 5 most critical elements that your reader needs to know. It really shouldn't be any longer than that. Just keep it simple and explain each step as you go.

Resource Guide

Organize your report this way if you're creating a resource guide and the order of the steps doesn't matter. 

For example, you might have researched several different ways to get traffic to your offer. Then you could put this into a “Top 5” list and explain each one.

Resource Guide Example...

Here's an example of creating a report outline as a “resource guide”  

  1. Create YouTube Videos
  2. Write Blog
  3. Use Facebook
  4. Write Articles
  5. Buy Solo Ads

As you can see, with a “top 5” list the order doesn't matter. You would just need to explain the method that your research said worked best and go down the list from there.  

Then, you would need a simple explanation on how each method worked. You could put links to different YouTube videos or other websites that explained the process a little bit better into your report.  

Remember this is just simply a resource guide so you don't have to give a complete description on each method. Just simply introduce them to the concept, give a little more information, and then it's up to your reader to check it out.  

No matter which method you choose, create a simple outline to follow whenever writing your report. Then organize your research into that outline.

Imagine creating a WSO that really made a diference in people's lives and getting several thank you emails from people who you've helped.  Expressing your thoughts and sharing ideas with others will give you a sense of accomplishment about helping others out and using your talents to the best of your ability.  


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How to Create and Organize a WSO

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