2 Ways to Develop Your Own Hot-Selling Info Product On the Warrior Forum

by Michael Harris

There are 2 basic ways to develop your ideas for your own hot selling info product on the Warrior Forum.  One way to “mine” ideas from your past experience.  Another idea is to leverage the experience of others.  

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"Mining" Ideas From The Past...

First, let’s talk about “mining” ideas from your past experiences.  Whenever you mine ideas from your past experiences, you are looking at actions that you have done in the past in order to make money online.  Just as a coal miner is going to mine for chunks of coal, you’re going to mine for chunks of ideas that can lead to a product.  

So, start off by asking yourself, what have you done in the past to make money online?  Have you written articles, posted them on a blog or website, and received an affiliate commission?  If so, then you’re ahead of 90% of the people out there.  You just simply need to write about it and show your reader step-by-step how to do it.    

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Creating Your WSO

You can illustrate your plan by taking helpful screenshots of each step in the process that shows them what you’re talking about.  One free piece of software that you can use is called a “snipping tool.’   Just Google the phrase “snipping tool” and you’ll be to see several good choices for your ebook.  Just simply find one you like, download it, and soon you’ll be able to take “pictures” of your computer screen.  This is a great tool that will allow you to show your reader exactly what to do step-by-step in your ebook through the use of pictures. 

Leveraging the Ideas of Others

Another way to get ideas for products is to leverage the ideas of others.  In order to do this you’ll need to read about the experience of others and combine those into a book.  For example let’s say that you wanted to get more traffic to your website, but you know it’s a problem that many people have and want solved.  Then, you can simply do some research on the internet and find several sources of ideas on how to get traffic.   

You could look in articles directories, such as Ezine Articles, do a Google search, go visit forums, look at YouTube videos, or purchase some low-priced products from others and study those.  In fact you may have some products already on your computer hard drive that you can look at now for ideas.  


What to Look For...

What you are going to do is look at all of these ideas and compile them into a short report on the top ways to get traffic to a website.  See if there is common theme among these ideas. 

For example, let’s say that article marketing and social media are included several times in the ideas that you’ve researched.  Then, you’d definitely want to mention those in your report.  In fact you may find 5 ideas in common from your research and title your report the “Top 5 Ways of Getting Traffic to Your Website.” It’s almost like that you’re writing a report when you were back in school.  Except this time the topic is something that interests you. 

Back to School

Pretend for a moment that a teacher walks into a classroom and says, “Class, you’re going to write a report on the top 5 ways of getting traffic to a website.”  You’d find a way to get that report done, wouldn’t you?  You’d probably go out and research ideas and put the most common ones down along with some unique ones that aren’t as common to make your report more interesting.  Well, it’s the same thing here. 

Just pretend you’re back in school and the teacher has assigned a topic on this subject and your report is due in a couple of weeks.  You’ll find a way to get it done and make sure that it’s completed on time.   Once you have enough information compiled to put into a report, then make a simple outline and start typing your report.


An Example...

One way may be to do the “Top 5” ways to do something.  So, let’s say that from your research, the top 5 ways to get traffic to your website is from article directories, social media, YouTube videos, blogs, and paid traffic.  Next, you would simply outline each of these topics and talk about each one.

It would be a good ideas to have at least 3 main points on each one.  So, under the heading of article directories, you might mentioned how they work, the types of article to write, and how to put in a link back to their website in the article. As a bonus, you might want to include all of the websites to various article directories out there.  You would repeat this process for each of your topics on getting traffic.  

After that...

So, when you finish writing on all of your points, you’ll have 5 main points/ways to get traffic and at least 3 sub points or ideas underneath them.  This will be enough content to put out a helpful report on the Warrior Forum and create your first WSO. 

Once you go through this process once, it will become easier, and you’ll be able to crank out several reports in a short period of time, which will allow you to make more money on the Warrior Forum, while at the same time, building your buyer’s list for your future offers.  

Get Started Today

So get started today.  Do some simple research.   Think of an idea, and write down the 5 main points of that idea.  Then, write 3 sub points under those, and soon, you’ll have your first WSO created and making sales.  Now, how would that feel?  

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2 Ways to Develop Your Own Hot-Selling Info Product

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